RCNA Consulting combines 60 years experience consulting for Worldwide brands

We have decades of commercial experience setting up, managing and consulting for major brands across a range of industries.  Our international client portfolio spans twenty three countries throughout Europe, America and Asia.


We recognise that consultancy is a highly populated sector, and we provide a one-stop shopping experience for all small to medium businesses.

  • Managing and running a global ticketing agency (23 countries world wide)
  • Design and creation of ticketing systems
  • Setting up new businesses
  • Consulting for many commercial and theatre ticket agencies
  • Producing, promoting, building and managing temporary exhibitions
  • General accounts and production accounting
  • Managing and running Europe-wide conferences and exhibitions
  • Owning and running bar/restaurants
  • Advising public houses

Richard Brundle - RCNA Consulting


Richard is a strategic visionary who can efficiently analyse and identify an entity’s strengths and weaknesses, then devise and implement a practical strategy to take it forward successfully. He creates or improves financial, IT and all other operational processes, including restructuring staff, and provides strong leadership and motivation during this process.

He has precise focus, and his expertise enables project management, short term assessments, production accounting, managing growth, commercial oversight, exhibition production and management, to all move forward with improvements where needed. He has assisted start-up businesses with all their financial needs and reporting from inception to trading.

Richard Brundle is a qualified accountant who has specialised in the entertainment industry, and who has a particular knowledge and passion for ticketing. He is an experienced entrepreneurial manager who has held numerous senior and board level positions in the commercial theatre and entertainment industries since 1990.

Richard has spoken at conferences and seminars on entertainment issues extensively both here in the UK, in the US and Europe.

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Carol is a practical administrator who has a wealth of experience in managing teams, a wide breadth of HR and H&S knowledge, and the ability to run small and large one-off events including creating the concepts, sourcing and negotiating with all suppliers, finding speakers, set up, and the running of the event. Everything is tailored to provide the exact event that the client requires.

She was the owner and manager of a very successful restaurant and bar for 8 years, and ran the ETT annual conference and exhibition for 7 years, including all the social events which took place during the three days. She is skilled at working with multiple teams to create a seamless experience.

Carol holds a BSBA in International Business from the American University, and has worked extensively in many European and American cities, as well as London.

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Carol Stenberg - RCNA Consulting